Best Hacking Books: Classified Books to Learn Hacking 2020

Are you pursuing a career in the field of Hacking or looking forward to becoming a Professional Hacker. Then you must have following questions come up on your mind about Best Hacking Books:-

What are the Best Books for Hacking?
Which book should I read being a newbie?
What are the Best Ethical Hacking Books for Beginners?

Here I will talk about some Best Hacking Books that you should read to build a strong base towards your hacking skills.

best hacking books 2019
Best Hacking Books

I will be highlighting the list of some best-picked books that will help you improve your understanding in the World of Hacking. All these Best Hacking Books that I am going to enlist here in this article will cover up some subjects like – Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Cracking, Programming, Web Application Penetration Testing, Computer Hacking Basic Security, etc.

As per the listing of books no matter, if you are a Noob or a Pro, these books could be the best source of knowledge for you to acquire new skills.

I am pretty sure that you would agree with me that books are far better than available online courses on YouTube and various websites. Why? Because of their in-depth and invaluable knowledge, they contain. A book can provide you a fine experience than a video of 10 minutes.

Once you learn from these best hacking books and get the theoretical idea, then it becomes easier for you research online and understand the ongoing trend and challenges of Hacking by doing it practically.

Best Hacking Books in 2019

Let’s dive into the river of knowledge where we will talk about Best book for learning Hacking so that you can pick the best you need.

1. Hacking: Beginner’s Guide to Computer Hacking

If you are a beginner or newcomer in the universe of Hacking, then this Beginner’s Guide could be the best book for you to begin. This Hacking book will give you insights about White Hat Hacking or Ethical Hacking.
This book will help you better understand the basics of White Hat and Black Hat Hacking. After reading this book, you will come to know about several techniques which can compromise information and data in computers.
In this book, John Slavio provides you different methods of testing the security risk of your computer and gives you suggestions to secure your devices from being hacked.
If you have less understanding about security and hacking this book would be your decent starting point. This book will be very effective to master the skills of Ethical Hacking.

2. Hacking For Dummies

Hacking For Dummies Book
Hacking For Dummies is one of the best hacking books written by Kevin Beaver to start with if you have a basic understanding of computers. This book will teach you how to protect the information of a company and fight against the bad guy who can exploit the company’s information.
This book will be a comprehensive guide for you to understand the activity of Unethical Hackers or Black Hat Hackers. In this book, you will learn how to identify and tackle different types of hacking attacks.
This 6th edition is a complete update for Windows 10, Linux, Mac with the updated list of hacking tools.
If you need a practical guide, then this would be the best pick for you where you will gain Penetration Testing skills and real hacking knowledge.

3. Hacking- The Art of Exploitation

Hacking- The Art of Exploitation is a highly recommended book for Intermediate or Advanced users. The Author Jon Erickson has successfully framed this book with crystal clear explanation and useful information.
This book will give you a better command over techniques of exploitation and varieties of useful methods to solve the problems. It will be a good read for you to learn stack-based overflows, heap-based overflows, Exploitation, Shellcode, Networking, Programming, and Cryptology.
You will find that this book was updated in 2008, but this is not actually a drawback because it’s content is still very helpful and relevant for the present users as well.
This book will be your great resource to enhance your skills, all you need is PPCC (Passion, Patience, Consistency, and Creativity).

4. The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook

The Web Application Hacker's Handbook

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This Web Application Hacker’s Handbook mainly focuses on finding out the root causes of security flaws of any web application. If you carry a basic understanding of security, then this book will provide you the best piece of knowledge to become a web application penetration tester.
This book is written by Dafydd Stuttard, who is the founder of Portswigger. The author has explained everything about web application security in a very detailed manner with some easy to read practical tips.
This book guides you about how to detect and exploit the security weakness of any web application. The best part is you will learn a lot of useful techniques with the latest technology.
The book contains valuable content but has a massive number of pages, which makes it very lengthy. All you need is patience to read the entire book filled with 900 pages of wisdom.

5. Penetration Testing A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking

Penetration Testing A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking

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This is a beginner-friendly book written by Professional Security Expert, Researcher, and Trainer Georgia Weidman. This is the best hacking book for beginners as an introduction of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing where you will be guided on how to find security fault in Applications, OS, and Networks.
The author did a wonderful job of describing relevant and vital points without getting distracted. In this book, you will learn how to crack passwords, how to bypass antivirus software, how to compromise the overall wireless network.
This book provides you a step by step process to follow and understand easily without being puzzled. You will also learn how to write your own Metasploit modules. The only downside is this was published in 2014, so some of the information about pent testing tools and Linux commands are not updated, but that’s not a barrier if you can do some extra research.
It is a good read for every Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing student when they are starting out.

6. The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing

The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing

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The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing book is written by Patrick Engebretson, who is an expert in Penetration Testing and teacher in the field of Offensive Security. This book could be an ideal start for you if you have no past experience. The Author will walk you through all the steps which are essential to perform Penetration Test from start to finish.
This book talks about dozens of modern-day hacking tools, which is very useful to complete Penetration testing. Every exercise of this book contains a real-world example that helps a student to understand easily.
This book teaches you how to use these hacking tools effectively with a four-step methodology to learn Pen testing and Hacking.
If you are starting from ground zero, and have no experience in pen testing, then you can go for this book which is a good introduction to Penetration Testing and White Hat Hacking.

7. Black Hat Python

Black Hat Python

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As we all are aware of the rising demand for Python language which is a very vital language that can help you create a potential and powerful hacking tools. Black Hat Python is written by Justin Seitz who is also the author of Gray Hat Python.
This book will teach you how to create trojans to steal information, how to manipulate packets, how to infect a virtual machine and much more with Python language.
The author has covered the dark side of the power of Python language. In this book, you will acquire the latest hacking skills and a lot of useful techniques.

After reading this book, you will be able to write your own exploits. Overall, it’s a good book for students who have started learning about python scripting.


8. The Browser Hacker′s Handbook

The Browser Hacker′s Handbook

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The Browser Hacker′s Handbook is written by the team of Professional Computer Security Experts – Wade Alcorn, Christian Frichot, and Michele Orru. This book is for advanced users, filled with a lot of technical jargons. This book will teach you how to exploit the vulnerabilities of chrome, firefox, internet explorer, and other browsers.

The book covers all the complex security issues which will provide you a deep understanding of how hackers can target and exploit your browser in order to establish a breach on your network system.

This book is a comprehensive guide that talks about browser vulnerabilities and how you can defend your network system from attacks.

This book is not friendly to beginners. If you are technically savvy and have the background knowledge, then this book will be a good source of learning.


9. Applied Network Security Monitoring

Applied Network Security Monitoring

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This book is an excellent comprehensive guide about Network Security Monitoring. This book will walk you through all the steps that will help you to become an NSM Analyst. The Authors Chris Sanders and Jason Smith will teach you all the key concepts of NSM in a fundamental approach.
This is a great practical guide divided into three sections – collection, detection, and analysis. Even if you have never performed NSM analysis before, this book will give you proper insights to become an expert.
This hacking book is very easy to read and crystal clear with its concept. Each section of the three sections includes real-world practical examples that will be easier for you to learn and implement.
If you are interested to become an NSM analyst then you can go for this book.

We will update more hacking books

The books suggested above are not listed as a ranking factor. They are just an overview of hacking books which is recommended to all the reader who is interested in hacking tutorials.
Now from the list above you must have got a proper idea that which is the book you should go for. We will keep on adding and updating the best hacking books on the list in the future. Please let us know by leaving your comment below which one you think will be good for you. Thank you.

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